The 2017 National Surveyors Conference: a historic event that you don’t want to miss. Sponsoring will offer you a unique opportunity to present your products and services in our exhibit hall to over 1000 surveying professionals from all across Canada.

Sponsorship Category Information

For specific details of each category please view the 2017 prospectus.

Within the prospectus you will find the application form on page 7 or print a copy here
Sponsorship Options will be assigned on a first-come first served basis after full payment has been received.

View the SP and EX Prospectusen-prospectus-dec1_page_01
Sponsor Level Sponsor Option
1 available @ $15,000
Event Sponsor
4 available @ $10,000
Convocation Lunch Sponsor
Badge Holder Sponsor
Presidents’ Dinner Sponsor
Presidents’ Dinner Entertainment
6 available @ $5,000
Meet and Greet
Lunch with Exhibitors
Welcoming Party
Presidents’ Reception
9 available @ $2,500
AM Break (2 available)
PM Break (2 available)
Veterans’ Dinner Sponsor
Lanyard (4 available)
12 available @ 1,000
Delegate Bag (limit of 5)
Wine – Presidents’ Dinner (limit of 5)
Women Surveyors Breakfast
Accompanying Persons’ Program

To discuss these or other opportunities how your organization can contribute, please contact:
Ann Clemensen
CanPlan Event & Conference Services
Phone: 613-762-4704
Email: ann(at)

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