The land surveying profession is a cornerstone of the historical and on-going development of Canada. As the self-regulating associations; the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS), the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors (ACLS), and the Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec (OAGQ) prepare to celebrate milestone anniversaries of more than a century, the time is right to come together as a group for the first time in the history of our associations as we also celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Our profession’s collective impact on the history and development of Canada provides a compelling story. In the past we have helped build and enhance Canada and in the future we intend to capture the attention and imagination of our younger generation!

There will be an estimated 1,000 industry specialists attending the conference who will want to talk with representatives from your companies and organizations about your products and services.

The conference will be engaging to young people and embrace equality in the workplace. We begin with a presentation by a young woman in the space industry who has a great chance to become our next astronaut. Other topics include a presentation on the universality of property rights around the world, while three-quarters of humanity do not have access to it; another presentation is on how the GéoPortail Foncier is used to reference all the work of surveyors  in France; and yet another presentation on how GIS and land surveyors helped to manage two major Canadian catastrophes: Lac Mégantic train disaster and Fort McMurray fires. This is just a sample of the many exciting themes that will be part of our conference.

We hope you will agree that our national meeting is a unique and special event within the spectrum of ‘Canada’s 150th’! Please consider this an invitation to participate in this exciting celebration with us.

Ed H. Herweyer
Chair, Surveyors Conference 2017


Murray Purcell, AOLS President Tania Bigstone, ACLS President Sophie Morin, OAGQ President


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