We would like to thank and recognize our partners within our community.

Platinum – Event Partner

Natural Resources Canada

Natural Resources Canada’s Surveyor General Branch regulates surveys of Canada Lands and maintains Canada Lands Survey Records and regulates and demarcates the international boundary between Canada and the United States.

Website: www.nrcan.gc.ca/earth-sciences/geomatics/canada-lands-surveys

Mark Mesec
Manager, Cadastral Framework Integration / Surveyor General Branch
(613) 853-7031

  Diamond – Badge Holder

Arthur J. Gallagher Ltd.

Arthur J. Gallagher (formerly called The CG&B Group), offers comprehensive insurance coverage and risk management advice to Land Surveyors. Our dedicated experts have deep experience working with surveyors across Canada, and bring specialized knowledge and industry insight so you get the advice, coverage and support you need.  As the insurance broker of choice for Professional Surveyors Canada (PSC) & the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS), our team is highly regarded for specializing in the development of insurance programs with coverage tailored to address the specific needs of Land Surveyors.

Website: www.ajgcanada.com

Mark Sampson, BBA, FCIP
Senior Vice President
1-800-267-6670 ext. 2631

  Diamond – Convocation Lunch

South Central Regional Group and the Eastern Regional Group of AOLS

Gold – Lunch with Exhibitors


For over 50 years Cansel has helped organizations in the engineering, surveying, construction, mining, architecture, manufacturing, utilities, forestry, and government sectors measure, analyze, design, and build more efficiently and profitably. Cansel’s national team of professionals combine software, hardware and services to provide tailored solutions to improve your workflow, from field to finish.

Website: www.cansel.ca

Pat Hills
Segment Manager, Survey, Scanning, Sales

Gold – Welcoming Party

Underhill Geomatics Ltd.

Underhill Geomatics Ltd./Underhill & Underhill is a group of professional Land Surveyors providing full-service geomatics consulting and technical services. In operation since 1913, Underhill is recognized as one of BC’s most trusted professional surveying companies. Our firm provides services throughout BC, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Canada and worldwide.

Website: www.underhill.ca

G.C. (Carl) Friesen, CLS, BCLS, PEng, FEC
Vice President

Gold – Signage

Topcon Sokkia Corporation

Topcon-Sokkia: One Company two brands – providing turn-key solutions for surveyors worldwide. Diverse product line providing precise measurement solutions for surveying, mapping and GIS, industrial measurement and construction applications. Our products include Conventional as well as LiDAR, Scanning and UAV solutions.

Webiste: www.sokkia.com

Dilip Lal
Director Sales and Operations – Canada
(905) 238-5810

Gold – Meet and Greet

Ollerhead and Associates Ltd

Ollerhead & Associates Ltd. has a full time, northern staff of professional surveyors, engineers, technologists and technicians with a wide array of surveying education and experience.  We maintain offices in Yellowknife and Hay River that give us feasible access to all areas of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

Website: www.ollerhead.ca

Varick Ollerhead
Canada Lands Surveyor

  Silver – Networking Break


McElhanney has been in business since 1910 and is one of Canada’s oldest most prestigious geomatics and engineering consulting firms. As an employee-owned firm with over 1,000 surveyors, engineers, planners, landscape architects, mappers, scientists, and technologists, we have the resources to support our passion for our clients’ and partners’ projects and to swiftly respond to their challenges.

Website: www.mcelhanney.com

Jim Christie, BCLS, CLS
Vice President – Geomatics

Silver – Networking Break

Challenger Geomatics

Challenger Geomatics is an employee owned Canadian Geomatics Company. Incorporated in 1984, the company has grown into a major multi-disciplinary survey and geomatics company. The company is wholly owned by its employees. Challengers’ corporate objective is to offer innovative professional geomatics services to industry and government in Canada and internationally.

Website: www.challengergeomatics.com

Paul Burbidge
Branch Manager, Whitehorse
867 668-6940

Silver – Networking Break

WSP | MMM Group Ltd

Founded in Canada, WSP is a multinational company currently ranked among the top 10 professional services firms in the world. Our approximately 8,000 Canadian employees – engineers, surveyors, technicians, scientists, environmental experts and architects – provide services to transform the built form and restore the natural environment.

Website: www.mmmgrouplimited.com

Fernando De Luca, OLS
Vice President, Eastern Canada, Geomatics

Silver – Veterans’ Dinner

Professional Surveyors Canada

PSC is a not-for-profit association advocating for professional surveyors across Canada.  Our goal is to ensure that the public and governments understand the value and scope of our profession.  This is accomplished through advertising, liaising with agencies and associations, and by communicating with the Government of Canada on national issues.

Website: www.psc-gpc.ca

Helen Derry
Administrative Coordinator
613-695-8333 or 1-800-41-7200

Silver – Lanyard

Protect Your Boundaries

Protect Your Boundaries presents the 2nd annual LandPRO Conference.  On March 7th, 2017, join 500+ land professionals – in person or via webcast – for a day of insights, learning and networking. Full details and registration at: www.landproconference.com. 10% discount for surveyors.  Use Promo Code LP17-AOLS

Website: www.protectyourboundaries.ca

Chris Kamarianakis
Executive Director

Silver – Lanyard

La Capitale assurance generales Inc

Website: www.lacapitale.com

Silver – Lanyard

Altus Geomatics

Altus Group is the leading geomatics provider in Western Canada, servicing a diversified client base engaged in oil and gas exploration and development, pipeline and utility corridor selection, construction and management, land development for municipal, residential and commercial projects, industrial and commercial construction, and forestry and environmental consulting services.

Website: www.altusgeomatics.com

Dave Gurnsey, SLS, CLS, P.Surv., MRICS

  Silver – Lanyard

Meridian Surveys Ltd

Meridian Surveys roots are in Saskatchewan and proudly celebrated 50 years of business in 2016. Operating out of eight branch offices, our firm’s operations and projects take us though-out Western Canada. We earn client loyalty through our culture of work ethic, determination, resourcefulness and overall grit.

Website: www.meridiansurveys.ca

Max Putnam
Land Surveyor
306 934 1818

Bronze – Delegate Bag


Since 1987, Geo-Plus has been designing and developing software solutions for Land Management Professionals. All our products are fully integrated into AutoCAD®, Civil3D®, MicroStation®, PowerDraft®, Bricscad® platforms. Over the years, our market has evolved along with our product line. Geo-Plus delivers throughout America, an innovative, reliable and comprehensive suite – the Vision Series.

Website: www.geo-plus.com

Marie Scultore
Marketing Manager
1.800.672.1733 ext. 31

  Bronze – Delegate Bag

The Connectors Insurance Group

Bob Morrow

Bronze – Delegate Bag

Universal Geomatics Solutions Corp.

Universal Geomatics Solutions Corp. (UGSC) and TULLOCH Geomatics are excited to announce a teaming partnership between our companies to continue to service the pipeline industry across Canada, and specifically Eastern Canada. Currently, we are working on multiple large diameter Pipeline projects in the Greater Toronto Area.

Website: www.ugsc.ca

Chad French
Business Development Manager
403-262-1306 ext 228

  Bronze – Delegate Bag

PRL Info Systems Inc (Pimarc)

If you’re looking for a project management system you can depend on, the PIMARC system is exactly what you need. The software is custom designed to your business’ exact needs. With a featured Survey Record Index, you’ll also get real-time data for every project you undertake, helping you eliminate cost overruns, minimize delays and save time.

Website: www.pimarc.com

Patrick Levac
President of PRL Info Systems Inc.
1 800 265-4945 or 519 672-4716

Bronze – Delegate Bag

PARC Systems Inc.

PARC Systems provides solutions in web-enabled Document Management and secure Application Hosting.  In collaboration with ACLS and the Surveyor General Branch, we developed and host the MyCLSS Checklist Registry application.  PARC works closely with the Association of BC Land Surveyors on initiatives including the ABCLS Electronic Checklist Registry and the ABCLS Online Exam.

Website: www.parcsystems.ca
Elaine Arctander

Bronze – Women Surveyors Breakfast

TEKMET Limited

Tekmet Limited is Ontario’s leading survey bar manufacturer. Our company has been supplying surveyors since 1970. We offer prompt and efficient delivery, online ordering, and volume discounts. All IB, SIB & SSIB bars are made in accordance with OLS Standards and we are the exclusive supplier of the Berntsen EcoStake™.

Website: www.tekmet.ca

Andrew Hall
General Manager

  Bronze – Presidents’ Dinner – Wine

Roselle & Murray Purcell

Bronze – Presidents’ Dinner – Wine


MicroSurvey has been creating software solutions for land surveyors, accident reconstructionists, forensic specialists, engineers and construction professionals for over 30 years. Our software solutions are helping provide industry professionals like you, the tools they need, in over 120 countries around the world.

Website: www.microsurvey.com

David Prangnell
Technical Sales Representative
1 250 707 0000

  Bronze – Presidents’ Dinner – Wine

ACLS Yukon Regional Group & ACLS North of 60 Regional Group

ACLS members in the Yukon Territory have formed a group to meet to communicate, organize CPD activities, participate in public relation activities and offer scholarships to deserving students.

ACLS members in the Nunavut and Northwest Territories have formed a group to meet to communicate, organize CPD activities, and participate in public relation activities.

Carl Friesen (Yukon Group)
Matthew Leblanc (North of 60 Group)

Bronze – Presidents’ Dinner – Wine

Ecce Terra arpenteur-géomètre associé

Ecce Terra is one of the largest land surveyors firms in Quebec. It has one hundred employees including twenty surveyors. The company has nine business locations spread across the regions of Quebec, Chaudière-Appalaches and Estrie.

Website: www.ecceterra.com

Robert Rioux
819 583-3936

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