ACLS Presentations


Celebrating excellence in the field of geomatics in Canada, the David Thompson National Geomatics Award was introduced in the winter of 2006-2007. The program was developed to recognize projects that exemplify the innovation and contribution to society that surveyors  make every day to bring successful projects about for the betterment of all Canadians.

Named after David Thompson, an explorer and surveyor who almost single-handedly mapped Canada’s vast, unknown interior 200 years ago, these awards represent the pinnacle of work.



The Tim Koepke Awards of Merit recognizes an individual or individuals who have made extraordinary contributions and provided outstanding services to the ACLS.


AOLS Presentations

CITATION – (4 to be awarded)

Recipients of Citations are determined by a Motion of Council. Citations are presented on a yearly basis by the Association. The criteria for presentation of the Citations are as follows:

  1. service on Council or the Academic and Experience Requirements Committee of the Association;
  2. outstanding service as a member of a Committee; and/or
  3. outstanding involvement in Regional Group activities.

This award consists of a framed certificate.

THE FELLOWSHIP AWARD – (1 to be awarded)

This Award is available from time to time to a member of the Association under the following Terms of Reference. A member of the Association shall be considered eligible for this Award, who is judged to have contributed substantially to the status of the surveying profession in Ontario by:

  1. exemplary professional conduct in a specific outstanding instance;
  2. investigating or reporting on a specific item of survey research and the reduction thereof to technology which may gain wide acceptance in the practice of surveying; or,
  3. demonstrating ability to show leadership in the efficient conduct of the affairs of the Association and continued service towards improving and perfecting an or any aspects of survey education.

This award consists of a framed Certificate and a pin.

PRESIDENT’S AWARD – (1 to be awarded)

This award shall be used to honour those that may not fit within the criteria for the other awards, especially those who are not members of our association but where the Honoury Membership is not appropriate. The award will be at the suggestion of the outgoing president with approval of council.

This award consists of a framed certificate.


This award is sponsored by the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors Educational Foundation.

To celebrate the Educational Foundation’s commitment to surveying education and in honour of one of its founding donors John Duncan Barnes O.L.S., this one-time only, $5000 juried award will be presented at the 125th AOLS AGM to an articling student or new OLS with the most outstanding multimedia submission. The multimedia submission will focus on the education of land surveyors and the promotion of the surveying profession and must be suitable for future presentations and the AOLS website.

This award consists of a glass trophy and is presented together with a cheque in the amount of $5000.


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